Let’s talk wine !

Whether in store or online, Adrien Tirelli — Maître Caviste and his team are at your service.

Located in the heart of Dijon since 2004, our selection of Burgundy wines has been developed over time, based not on fads and fashion, but around family estates, independent winemakers or selective negotiants. Our culture and our constantly renewed curiosity allow us to offer you a complete and carefully chosen range of wines from many other regions of France: Champagne, Loire or Alsace, Languedoc, Provence as well as Bordeaux. A selection which also extends to the wines of the World: in Switzerland, Spain, Italy but also in the United States, in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, etc… Open the door and come travel with us!

A selection full of meaning and value

Our selection is built around values that are dear to us.

Living terroirs

This is where it all starts and this is where our selection begins. We highlight wines from healthy vines, where balance in the soil is a priority for the winemaker.

Living wines

This is where it all comes together because the expression of a terroir, of a climate is revealed by the work in the cellar. Each estate has its own style and aesthetic. Elegance, depth, and character as well as nuance and balance are for us essential criteria in selecting a wine.

Technically perfect wines

This may seem obvious, but it is important for us to remember it, especially when venturing towards wines with low amounts of added sulfites or even none at all. We do not claim any label, any trend because what guides our selection is the tasting, not the marketing. The best “natural” wine for us will be the one whose vinification method is undetectable, the one whose winemaker’s work harmonises with the place where it was born.

A vibrant tasting

This is the purpose of our work! We present wines whose quality and purity of fruit can be read in the glass: bright and juicy wines, wines that make you smile 😉 We are looking for wines whose quality and finesse of tannins brings a structure in the mouth that allows them to face the years, but a structure that is fine and elegant enough to discover them in their youth. Our credo: a great wine must be good all the time!