Here is where your wine route begins !

Our wine tasting are designed to be a gateway to the Climats de Bourgogne, a world heritage site.

A Quality Label

These tastings are certified Vignobles & Découvertes, a national label for the quality of wine tourism services.

Masterclass Artisans Liquoristes

Fruits and plants, wild harvest or local culture, production techniques… We’ll share all the secrets of the Côte’s artisan liquor makers with you! It’s a great way to discover the region from a different angle, through unique products of remarkable character !

Masterclass Chardonnay

A great way to start ! Discover the many facets of Chardonnay, the region’s emblematic white grape variety. We’ll give you a fine-tuned understanding of terroirs and classifications, tasting 4 wines, from village to Grand Cru, that express the very essence of the Climats de Bourgogne, a UNESCO site.

Masterclass Pinot Noir

A noble grape, steeped in history ! From village to Grand Cru, these 4 wines will give you the measure of the Climats de Bourgogne. It’s
a rich experience that will lead to a better understanding of what makes the Grands Vins de Bourgogne so unique and famous, and

will give you all the information you need to enhance your experience on the wine route.